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Use iTunes to find useful podcasts. First you need to click on the iTunes Store. Then you can click on Podcasts (or iTunes U if you are looking for higher ed content). Once you have clicked on Podcasts, you can select Education in the Categories box. This will then show icons of the featured education podcasts, and on the right hand side you can see the top educations podcasts. If you click on the arrow (inside the circle) to the right of Top Podcasts, you will be taken to a screen showing the Top 100 Education Podcasts.


Better yet, click on the Power Search link on the right hand side of the page! (Directions below.)



Power Search is a very powerful way to find content in iTunes. The examples below will show you how to use Power Search to find educational podcasts.




When you select Podcasts in the Power Search menu, the options for searching change.




Now enter the name of the podcast if you know it, or search on the description (NASA, science, volcano, etc.) or Author (Apple, Discovery, CNN, etc.)



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